Dickens Read-a-Long

I’m starting a new challenge this week: I am beginning to read Dickens’ Little Dorrit using The Modern Library edition [2002 Modern Library Paperback Edition ISBN 0-375-75914-X] and will organize my reading by covering the equivalent each week of one of the monthly numbers written by Dickens for serial publication back in 1857. dorritThis means that this week (beginning November 4th, 2012) I will read Chapter I/Sun and Shadow, Chapter II/Fellow Travellers, Chapter III/Home and Chapter IV/Mrs. Flintwinch has a Dream: total pages 44. This leaves time to read other books and have a life hopefully. It will also leave time to research topics of interest inspired by the reading about which I will post here in the future. Already I am curious about Mrs. Flintwinch.

A year or two ago I read Claire Tomalin‘s Charles Dickens: A Life (Penguin Books; 978-0-141-03693-9; paperback; $18.00 in Canada) and found it almost as enjoyable as Dickens’ own writing. Anyone wanting to have a good rudimentary understanding of Dickens’ world would be well advised to check out this or any other biography they might prefer.

I am looking forward to this new reading project. Any Dickens’ followers out there? Anyone who hasn’t read Little Dorrit recently? or any Dickens ? Anyone who would just like to hang out at the Marshalsea Prison for awhile and see what that is like? Do join in.