Random House Reading Bingo Challenge 2014

I am planning to participate this year for the first time in the Random House Reading BINGO challenge 2014. There are two Bingo cards that readers can work at completing by reading a book which is described on one of the cards and then crossing off that square. The fun part, or one of the fun parts – just reading is the biggest fun part for me – is that you can make your goal filling out the entire card or cards (one is categorized as ADULT and the other as YOUNG ADULT) or you can go at it like an actual Bingo game and go for one line or a line at a time or whatever suits your fancy.

Here’s what I’ve done so far  on the ADULT challenge…

I’ve read Muse by Mary Novik and also posted on this blog elsewhere on this title. It will meet the criteria in the box labelled “A BOOK WITH A ONE-WORD TITLE”. At first I didn’t think I would find one for this category and there it was, right under my nose.

In January, I also read The Woman Upstairs by Claire Messud and I will use it for the category “A Best-Selling Book”: I really liked this novel and my blog on it will explain why.Reading-Bingo Adult-small

My first read in January was Studio Saint-Ex by Ania Szado and I will use it for the box labelled “A BOOK BASED ON A TRUE STORY” (also on my blog in a separate entry).

I am almost finished Above All Things by Tanis Rideout and that will go in “A BOOK SET ON A DIFFERENT CONTINENT”: I haven’t written my blog yet but it will appear in the next 7 to 10 days.

So, I have read four bingo boxes already just by reading titles I’ve wanted to read. Easy enough eh?

Things I have lined up for the ADULT card at this point include The Blue Book by A. L. Kennedy for the “A BOOK WITH A BLUE COVER” category and I think The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman for “A BOOK WITH MORE THAN 500 PAGES” and Alice Munro for “A BOOK OF SHORT STORIES” and maybe “Miss Montreal” by Howard Shrier for  “A BOOK WITH A MYSTERY” but I reserve the right to change any or all of these, of course, when another unexpected title rears its head! Such as, for female author category or non-fiction category: Ascent of Women (Sally Armstrong), But Hope is Longer (Tamara Levine) and/or A New Leaf (Marilyn Simonds)!

And then there is the Young Adult Bingo card! I haven’t finished even one title yet but I am so excited about this challenge and it has been so much fun looking for possible reading choices! Here are some that I want to read:

My Book of Life by Angel (Martine Leavitt) will fit in at least two categories so I will have to choose where it fits best after reading; Feed by M. T. Anderson which also fits in at least two categories; Reading-Bingo-YARed Planet by Robert Heinlein for the colour in the title challenge; Seraphina by Rachel Hartman for “A BOOK WITH MUSIC”; The Changeover by Margaret Mahy for “A BOOK WITH MAGIC”; several for the graphic novel but perhaps Sweet Tooth Volume 6.  I have  started “THE FIRST BOOK IN A SERIES”, by Lauren Kate the title of which is Fallen (also the title of the series) and it shows promise in the first half. For the Dragon book and/or the last book of a trilogy I was  considering  Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance series but I see it is a four book set now called the Inheritance Cycle so perhaps Book 3, Brisingr, for the “BOOK WITH A DRAGON”. For “A BOOK SET IN PARIS”, I am considering The House in Paris by Elizabeth Bowen in which the protagonist is eleven so it should be suitable for a strong YA reader. I haven’t narrowed down several of the other categories but doing so will yield many new titles I know and that is what is so pleasureable about these challenges.

So far I’m not making any large-scale promises to myself or anyone else about how far I will get on my cards because sometimes that takes the pleasure out of the experience but almost always a book will fit somewhere in these many and varied categories. If you don’t know about the challenge just put Random House Reading Bingo in your search box and I’m sure you will get there. Turn your reading into an even more positive experience than it already is and, even better, get a friend involved.


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  1. It *is* fun, isn’t it! I’ve got four squares filled in too, but none of the same squares that you have filled in. Though I can see a one-word title coming up in my stack. The A.L. Kennedy is a perfect option: I love it, and I might have to steal your idea. But, as you say, I’m not signing any of these in ink just yet; I’m a moody reader. On the YA card, I have far fewer ideas, but I’m enjoying the prospect all the same, and I do have Feed and Leavitt’s books at hand; for that one, for sure, I am going to have to start reading first and then see where books might fit. All in fun, of course!

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