October 2015
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Confidence:Stories by Russell Smith

The first story in this collection is from the perspective of a youngish man made old by the repetitive visits to hospital of his partner Emma who has learned to speak in a “tone of resignation or melancholy that he knew to sound brave” and who tells her friend Claudia: “I don’t know what brought […]

The Candy Darlings by Christine Walde


“There is no such thing as just a story.” -Robert Fulford

“Narration is as much a part of human nature as breath and the circulation of the blood.”     -A.S. Byatt

EUGOLORP       I like word puzzles! Is this a remnant from my adolescence or just something that has always been a […]

Martin John by Anakana Schofield

“It was a time when people didn’t ask as many questions. That was the time it was.”

This book will take you to another place: one you don’t often go to or may never have been. Prepare yourself: check out the Index on the first page.


1. Martin John has made mistakes. 2. Check […]

His Whole Life by Elizabeth Hay

I think I love this book mostly for the conversations! The latter are so natural and so interesting that, as you read them,  it almost feels like you are right in them and there is an eagerness to contribute which is not something I experience that often while reading. The book begins with a conversation […]

The Evening Chorus by Helen Humphreys

“James Hunter falls through morning.

He swings from his parachute harness as the plane drops below him, the broken shell of the bomber sinking into the Channel fog.

The water is as jarring as solid earth, and shockingly cold.”

James is a pilot in the RAF. He hopes he might get picked up in the […]