July 2014
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Boston Cream by Howard Shrier

This is the third Jonah Geller novel (follows Buffalo Jump and High Chicago) and takes place mostly in Boston. As seen by Harinder Patel, Boston “was an agreeable city by any standard, other than the weather, and with so many excellent universities, he’d had high hopes that his son Sanjay would enter one of the […]

The Grass is Singing by Doris Lessing

“There is passion here, a piercing accuracy, a rare sensitivity and power…One can only marvel.” – NEW YORK TIMES

I’ve had this book stashed away on a shelf with several other titles by Doris Lessing for several months now. Then one or two weeks ago, acting on a random impulse I clicked on one of […]

Word Nerd, Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larsen and Dear George Clooney by Susin Nielsen

This is a delightful trio about which I cannot say enough good things. In fact I will let the narrator of Word Nerd start this off:

“I knew that feeling. It had been eight long years, but I still knew. I peeled back the bread on top of my sandwich and, sure enough, there it […]

Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly

Andi Alpers (her full name is Diandra Xenia Alpers) is a student at St. Anselm’s, a prestigious private school in Brooklyn where tuition is thirty thousand dollars annually. She is in her senior year. The students see themselves as special, exceptional: “We’re supernovas, every single one of us.”

They talk like this: “…you can’t even approach […]

Independence by Cecil Foster

“In 1966, Barbados achieves independence from Britain, and a country comes of age. So, too, does a boy.” -from the inside front flap of the book cover

Canada’s relationship with Barbados is one that figures largely in the lives of the characters in this novel and you might want to check out the official information […]