January 2014
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Random House Reading Bingo Challenge 2014

I am planning to participate this year for the first time in the Random House Reading BINGO challenge 2014. There are two Bingo cards that readers can work at completing by reading a book which is described on one of the cards and then crossing off that square. The fun part, or one of the […]

Sugar Falls by David Alexander Robertson & Scott B. Henderson

The story in this graphic novel begins in a high school at the point at which an assignment is given to a class to examine the question of residential schools. The novel is directed at young people but equally informative for adult readers. Daniel is the student doing the assignment and his fellow student, April, […]

Muse by Mary Novik

“I first heard my mother’s heartbeat from inside her dark, surrounding womb. It mingled with my own heart’s rhythm, then changed to a harsher, more strident beat. It was then that I had my first and most famous vision of a man kneeling in a purple cassock and biretta.”

“When I was older and further […]

The Woman Upstairs by Claire Messud

This is my first read by Claire Messud and, although I had planned to start with The Emperor’s Children,  I couldn’t resist this title and intuitively thought I would identify more closely with the main character. The opening  has been described by critics as “explosive” and off putting (Nicholas Lezard in The Guardian) and as […]

Britten & Brulightly by Hannah Berry

This is another first for me: the first review I have done on a graphic novel. This one is British and was published in 2008.

We learn right away that our protagonist is very depressed. The lack of colour tells us this  as do the words “spiteful inevitability” attached to the words “the sun […]