March 2013
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Among Others by Jo Walton

The dedication for this book is special and a little unusual: “This is for all the libraries in the world, and the librarians who sit there day after day lending books to people.” Some librarians might quibble with the concept of sitting day after day but it is the acknowledgement that counts here and one […]

Summary of Dickens’ Little Dorrit Read-along Experience

The Dickens’ read-along with my friend extended from November 2012 to almost the end of February 2013. Reading more or less Issue by Issue as they were published gave a different flavour to the experience as it kept one always conscious of what it might have been like to be following this story as it […]

The Invisible Wall by Harry Bernstein

The author of this memoir was 93 when he began to write it which was after the death of his wife Ruby. He was born in 1910. The memoir has a sequel titled The Dream. The setting is an English mill town in Lancashire: a small town and a street with an “invisible wall” dividing […]

Laws of Conflict by Cora Harrison

Here are some comments from www.coraharrison: The Burren Mysteries With her superb attention to detail, Cora Harrison brings medieval Ireland into vivid life, being equally skilful at portraying the good, the bad, and the ugly. Mara is up there with the great fictional detectives.   – Historical Novel Society, Editors’ Choice Titles for August 2009

Away by Jane Urquhart

I first read Away very soon after it was first published in 1993 and, on this read, was quite surprised to find that I had remembered so little. In fact, it was more a feeling that I remembered and a vision of a great white house on the shores of a lake. I also recalled […]