December 2012
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Family Matters: Addendum to The Loneliness of Mary Ellen

After I published the first segment about Mary Ellen, a friend with a history background pointed out an interesting fact about medical costs in the mid to late forties here in Canada. At the time that my grandfather prevented my grandmother, Mary Ellen, from following a regimen of regular visits to the doctor’s office, it […]

New Feature/Family Matters: The Loneliness of Mary Ellen

This is a new thread I am beginning today: something in a more personal vein and something I have been pondering during this memory-laden month of December. I have had cause to revisit my relationship with parents (only one in my case) and my grandparents (maternal) while thinking about what I actually learned from them. […]

Monoceros, a novel by Suzette Mayr

” Max adjusts the single magnet on the fridge, a mini replica of the Starship Monoceros from his favourite television show, Sector Six. He brushes past Walter on his way out of the kitchen and into the TV room because tonight is Monday night and Monday night is Sector Six night even if it’s just mid-season reruns […]

Dickens’ Update #10

So here we are at the beginning of Issue 7, having left both Arthur and Amy in turmoil:  Arthur wondering what has upset Amy and Amy uncertain possibly of why she is upset but knowing that as long as she remains in the Marshalsea she is doomed to repeat day after day after day and […]

Dickens’ Update #9

In Chapter XXI, Mr. Merdle’s Complaint we learn considerably more about the Merdles. Mr. Merdle is described as “a Midas without the ears” which refers to the fact that Apollo gave Midas the ears of an ass, which Midas tried in vain to hide (from footnotes in The Modern Library edition).

I liked this reference […]