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Dickens’ Update #8

Chapter XIX, The Father of the Marshalsea in two or three relations, marks the beginning of Issue 6.  We learn that there are two sides to the Marshalsea: a social and an economic division. A Master’s side which is for the aristocrats and also called the Pump side and a Poor side. In this chapter […]

Dickens’ Update #7

In Chapter XVIII, Little Dorrit’s Lover, the terms College and Collegian are used. This is the way the prisoners preferred to refer to the prison (College) and themselves (Collegians). They chose not to have to acknowledge their actual reality and the question of keeping up appearances is considered a major theme of the novel […]

Dickens’ Update #6

Chapter XV marks the beginning of Issue 5 and is entitled Mrs. Flintwinch has Another Dream. Dickens appears to use the dream technique to give us information about Flintwinch’s anger against Mrs. Clennam. Flintwinch wanted “justice done to Arthur’s father.Mrs. Flintwinch dreamed that she heard Flintwinch and Mrs. Clennam discussing and/or arguing about the clearing […]

Dickens’ Update #5

Chapter XII Bleeding Heart Yard is the first chapter in Issue 4. Mrs. Plornish explains how Little Dorrit advertised for needlework and ended up working for Arthur’s mother.  The landlord of the yard is identified as Mr. Casby and Pancks as the rent collector.

Arthur gets Mr. Plornish to settle Tip’s debt and asks Mr. […]

Dickens’ Update #4

Chapter X: Containing the Whole Science of Government. This chapter, the second in Issue 3, is the most reading fun I have had in a very long time. It begins: “The Circumlocution Office was (as everybody knows without being told) the most important Department under government. No public business of any kind could possibly be […]