September 2018
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Family Matters: Rose Clark comes for Easter Dinner

I’ve had this oversize plastic bag with the Zeller’s logo on it for several years now. I think it was given to me when my favourite aunt died partly because I am the family member who keeps track of the family history and partly because no one else knew for sure the identity of the […]

Family Matters: Sightings in Grocery Stores

This posting is mostly about a childhood memory, one that is very clear after almost sixty years. My grandparents shopped on the same night every week after the work day was done for my grandfather. Before I was born I know the shopping was done differently because my grandmother told me how she would take […]

Family Matters/Expectations of Grandpa Jack

Jack (my grandfather) was born in August of 1889. He grew up on Spencer Street and his mother was Rosie  and his father was Joseph : Rose was born in Wayne County, Michigan in 1868 and Joseph was born in 1866 in Harrington, Oxford County, Ontario. They were married September 4, 1888.  Jack (officially John) […]

Family Matters: Addendum to The Loneliness of Mary Ellen

After I published the first segment about Mary Ellen, a friend with a history background pointed out an interesting fact about medical costs in the mid to late forties here in Canada. At the time that my grandfather prevented my grandmother, Mary Ellen, from following a regimen of regular visits to the doctor’s office, it […]

New Feature/Family Matters: The Loneliness of Mary Ellen

This is a new thread I am beginning today: something in a more personal vein and something I have been pondering during this memory-laden month of December. I have had cause to revisit my relationship with parents (only one in my case) and my grandparents (maternal) while thinking about what I actually learned from them. […]