September 2018
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Summary of Dickens’ Little Dorrit Read-along Experience

The Dickens’ read-along with my friend extended from November 2012 to almost the end of February 2013. Reading more or less Issue by Issue as they were published gave a different flavour to the experience as it kept one always conscious of what it might have been like to be following this story as it […]

Dickens Update 22; Book 2: Issue 19 and 20

In Chapter XXX,Closing In, three men approach Clennam & Co at dawn: Rigaud, Mr. Jean Baptist(Cavelletto) and Mr. Pancks. They enter Mrs. Clennam’s presence and are sent out by her. Flintwinch sends Affery away but she refuses to go (reader cheers loudly!). Affery says “I’ll up for Arthur when he has nothing left, and is […]

Dickens Update 21; Book 2: Issue 18

In Chapter XXVII, The Pupil of the Marshalsea, changes are taking place in Arthur’s vision of the world: “…it was not remarkable that everything his memory turned upon should should bring him round again to Little Dorrit.” “Until it seemed to him as if he met the reward of having wandered away from her, and […]

Dickens Update #20; Book 2: Issue 17

In ChapterXXIII, Mistress Affery Makes a Conditional Promise Respecting Her Dreams, Arthur decides to seek Affery’s help since his mother will not help him.  Mr. Casby and Flora are at his mother’s house for tea. Arthur asks to speak privately with his mother and tells her that Rigaud had been in jail for murder. He […]

Dickens Update #19; Book 2: Issue 16

In Chapter XIX The Storming of the Castle in the Air, Dorrit arrives home unexpectedly late and finds Amy and Frederick (Dorrit’s brother ) having a quiet evening and Frederick chatting about the difference Amy has made in his life. The reader learns that Mrs. Merdle is going home and she will have a “great […]