September 2018
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Five Graphic Novels

In the dull days of February and March I have read five graphic novels: among the five were one standalone (Encyclopedia of Early Earth), one consisting of a series collected into one edition (Amy Unbounded) and the first three in the series Locke & Key. All provided very different reading experiences.

The Encyclopedia of Early […]

7 Generations Series by Robertson and Henderson

This is a series of three graphic novels which I decided to look into after reading Sugar Falls by David Alexander Robertson and illustrated by Scott Henderson.

Book 1 is entitled Stone and introduces Edwin, a young aboriginal man who has attempted suicide and whose mother is desperate to have him come to understand his […]

Sugar Falls by David Alexander Robertson & Scott B. Henderson

The story in this graphic novel begins in a high school at the point at which an assignment is given to a class to examine the question of residential schools. The novel is directed at young people but equally informative for adult readers. Daniel is the student doing the assignment and his fellow student, April, […]

Britten & Brulightly by Hannah Berry

This is another first for me: the first review I have done on a graphic novel. This one is British and was published in 2008.

We learn right away that our protagonist is very depressed. The lack of colour tells us this  as do the words “spiteful inevitability” attached to the words “the sun […]